We are the People’s Binational Movement

The destinies of the U.S. and Mexico, as well as our movements for social and environmental justice, are inextricably intertwined.

Ending regional violence and success in handling cross-border challenges — like migration, human rights, inequality (fair and sustainable economic development), and dangerous gun traffic – requires the participation and engagement of civil society movements on both sides of the border.

We are living in a pivotal and urgent moment in both Mexico and the United States. From rising gun violence, political exclusion and disenfranchisement, worsening repression of migrants, and expanding environmental and climate driven crises, the need for action, reform and political activism is now.

People of color across the borders share a history of oppression and resistance that bring us closer than what we think.

Both Mexico and the U.S. will have critical national elections in 2024. The time to build united, inclusive political power is now.

The Peace Summit seeks to cultivate and catalyze a cross-border  movement to denounce injustice and drive community-led solutions to the growing inequality, violence and human and migrant rights crises that impact the region.

More than 50 organizations from Mexico and the United States, under the leadership of Global Exchange, are organizing a unique and timely initiative, the Peace Summit, to expand political access and build political power for those currently left out and left behind (youth, migrants, indigenous communities and more) and to make their demands for human rights, justice, democracy, and peace in the region heard.

The Peace Summit program will facilitate 5 local preparatory dialogues in 2022 and a binational conference in Mexico in February 2023 and utilize innovative digital organizing tools to engage and nourish the active majorities on both sides of the border we need to demand and affect change.

Peace Summit

Mexico City

February 23th-24th, 2023.

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Participant organizations and collectives

The Peace Summit is an initiative led by Global Exchange in collaboration with the following partners:

United States/Canada

• Alianza de Ex-Braceros

• Americas Program

• Black Lives Matter south Bend

• Black Lives Matters Canada

• California Institute for Rural Studies
• Center for American Progress
• Center for Native Americans
• CIELO, Indigenous leadership
• CODEPINK - Women for Peace
• El Molino Informativo
• Florida Farm Workers
• Gun Violence Prevention Network
• Indigenous Immigrant People Council
• Latin America Working Group
• Lila
• March for Our Lives
• National Lawyers Guild
• North American Indigenous Center of New York
• Península 360Press
• Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales
• South Texas Human Rights Center
• Stop US Arms to Mexico
• Voces de los Pueblos
• Witness at the Border

• Women Against Gun Violence

•  Change the Ref

• Global Action on Gun Violence 

• Newtown Action Alliance


Mexico/Central America

• Al Otro Lado
• Albergue para Migrantes de Piedras Negras
• Alternativas de Divulgaciòn A.C.
• Alternativas y capacidades A.C.
• Casa de Acogida Formación y Empoderamiento de la Mujer Migrante y Refugiada
• Casa de Refugiados
• Casta Tochan
• Centro de Atención a la familia Migrante Indígena
• Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña “Tlachinollan”
• Centro de protecciòn a refugiados y migrantes internacionales (CEPREMI)
• Comisión Mexicana de Defensa y Promoción de Derechos HUmanos
• Culturas del Pasado Voces del Presente
• Desde Nosotras, colectiva de fotoperiodistas
• Familiares en Búsqueda María Herrera
• Fundación Avina
• Fundación para la Democracia
• Instituto Mora
• Instituto para las Mujeres en las Migraciones
• Instituto RIA
• Jóvenes Ante la Emergencia Nacional
• Las Mujeres Rurales de la Frontera Sur S.A. de R.L. de C.V.
• Las Vanders
• Migrántolos
• Mujeres Organización y Territorios MOOTS
• NuestraRed Mx
• Red de Documentación de las Organizaciones
• ReverdeSer Colectivo
• Servicios y Asesorías para la Paz
• Tribunal Internacional de Conciencia Pueblos en Movimiento Ningún Ser Humano es Ilegal
• Tribunal Permanente de los Puelos
• Servicios Paz y Justicia


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